Transition – By Talendrone

You’ve achieved your goal of landing a good position, but it’s only your first hurdle. Maybe the new job is what you really looked for, or maybe it’s just OK. At this point, because you’ve accepted the position, you’ve got to develop a positive attitude about it. Now your goal is to make a successful transition. At least you no longer have
the trauma of being without a job. You’re still facing a period with considerable tension, that of getting settled successfully in your new role.

If you had a long job search, you’d be smart to take a week off— perhaps two—to wind down from the stress of it. Have some fun, but also clear the deck and get emotionally prepared for the new job. For some time you have been focused on getting a new job, dealing with those pressures and activities to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. Then, in the last few weeks, you’ve had the additional pressure of making the final decision, which may have involved developing other options or choosing between several jobs. Now you must put all of this turmoil behind you and focus on the job ahead. Take a day or two to organize your knowledge of your new company,
its problems, your particular role, what will probably be expected of you, and what you think your initial assignments will be.

Think about the introduction you’ve had to other jobs, particularly if they were at a new company. Were there some problems you didn’t handle as well as you would have liked? Did you ever upset anyone early on? What do you wish you had done differently? Think also about former associates coming into the companies where you’ve worked and any mistakes they made. Think about what effect your appointment will have on the organization. Whatever legacy your predecessor left for you, your goal is to succeed in the new job and to do it as smoothly as possible.

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