Conduct a sweep of the possible jobs you think you’re in contention for. This sweep is particularly important if the offer you have in hand isn’t as good as you feel you deserve or you have other major reservations about it. If you’re unlikely to accept the offer in hand, this approach is risky because you may jeopardize several potential jobs you’re a candidate for. If you’ve got an acceptable offer but think you can get a better one, a sweep is worth doing. Because of your limited time, you have to move very fast. Try the possibilities you’ve been working on.

You may have a pretty good offer from Company A, one you probably would accept, but one that’s not what you had hoped for. Meanwhile, you think Company B may be close to making you a better offer. You have nothing to lose in telling Company B you’d prefer to work for them but you have an acceptable offer that you have to answer
by such and such a date. Ask Company B, if it’s really interested in you, can it speed up the process?

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