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Are you a recruiter? Looking to earn some extra money? Or do you run your recruitment agency but struggle to find big clients to work on? Why not sign up to a Freelance Recruiter account on Talendrone? If you are an experienced, skilled recruiter we have great opportunities for you.

Talendrone is a revolutionary UKs new online freelance recruitment portal which offers the freelance recruiter an easy to use tool to place candidates’ CVs in front of many employers across the UK. If your candidates get picked

If you are an HR professional who hasn’t made the move to freelance work, there are many reasons for choosing to become a freelance recruiter:
• Be your own boss.
• Use your recruitment skills and experience to generate a decent income. This could be in addition to your salaried income or as a main income.
• Work from home (or wherever you like) at your convenience but still have the potential to earn good money.
• Choose the working pattern and hours that suit you.
• Choose which clients you want to work with.

Benefits in using Talendrone

Using Talendrone provides freelance recruiters like you with a great tool to match your candidates’ to jobs across the UK all in one place.
• You can submit your candidates’ CVs in a matter of minutes.
• With our detailed reporting system, you can see the status of your jobs and your earnings all in one place, in real time.
• We will never share your data with any third party.
• Detailed reporting is available, saving time and effort.
• Recruiters use the system free of charge and we will support you to help you deliver the best service to your clients.
• If you need to speak to someone about a particular vacancy you can directly chat with one of our account managers.
• Our system will automatically update you on the status of your candidates.
• Our recruiter records are securely stored and all information sent is encrypted to provide security and privacy.

To create your free Talendrone Freelance Recruiter account visit the Talendrone website


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