You want to change jobs because you’re unhappy about something. First, figure out what that something is, specifically. Don’t just change the most obvious thing and expect that that it will cure your unhappiness. Before you go to the trouble of changing jobs, make sure it isn’t yourself that needs changing.

Although these were presented in the context of a job search, they also apply to deciding whether you should
make a job change. Pay particular attention to who you are, your likes and dislikes, your job requirements, and their priority and reasoning behind those priorities. Being guided by these priorities is the first step
in getting a job that satisfies your fundamental interests and needs.

The factors that you marked as major are what’s bugging you. There may be no easy way to improve them without leaving the company. Even then, relief may be only temporary as they may be replaced by more difficult factors in a job search and then getting settled in on a new job.

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