Why more businesses are turning to the internet staffing agencies to recruit staff



Gone are the days where most of the people walked into stores to buy almost everything they needed & gone are the businesses which kept on doing things in the same way & ignored the market, for example, Kodak. More businesses are realising the benefits of recruiting for staff online. With more and more people now using the internet, online recruitment is an excellent alternative to using a traditional recruitment agency. With candidates being able to apply for your roles 24/7, online recruitment can be a fast and effective method to find the right staff for your business.

More businesses are realising the benefits of leveraging internet staffing agencies as compared to coordinating with many agencies through emails & maintaining that data into spreadsheets. Online recruitment agencies are an excellent alternative to using a traditional recruitment agency. With recruiters being able to work on your hiring requirement 24×7 from anywhere & candidates being able to apply for your roles 24/7, online recruitment agencies can be a fast and effective method to find the right staff for your business.  More & more clients give their job to online recruitment agency like Talendrone & have used Talendrone in such a way that all responses from Monster, jobserve & many other top UK job boards can be easily managed at one place. All this can be done free of charge nowadays.

Online recruitment tools – such as job boards & social networking sites like linkedin & facebook use the power of the internet to match people to jobs and employers. Increasing the chance of your job ad being seen by the right people at the right time & recruiters use their job hunting skills to fetch you the right candidate quickly. This makes finding the right candidate for your job vacancies quicker, cheaper and more efficient.

Benefits of online recruitment agencies like Talendrone

Low cost – online recruiting agencies is much cheaper than the more traditional recruiting methods.

Reach a wider audience – with over 3.6 billion internet users worldwide, online recruiting allows you to reach a far wider audience using best possible tools available around the world. Job boards & Social networking sites are visited by thousands of people every day, providing businesses with a great opportunity to reach a global market place.

Speed – online recruitment can dramatically reduce the time it takes to hire the right person for your vacancy.

Measurability – using an online system can give you greater control over the process and makes it easy to measure your return on investment. You can view which candidate applied through which recruiter, job board or social networking channel. Also lets you record all your responses for your candidates & coordinate interviews with hiring manager & candidates with the single click of the button. You can see detailed resports on progress of hiring anytime.

Ease of use – Talendrone has a straightforward submission system and may provide an account management facility to answer any questions you may have.

Here is why to choose Talendrone as your online recruitment agency

• We can post your job vacancy on over hundreds of top UK job boards across the globe, reaching millions of visitors

• Your job vacancy will be posted to thousands of specialised recruiters

• No set-up fees.

• Quick and easy to use – post your job advert in just a couple of minutes.

• Hire as many candidates as you need from a single job post.

• No commission or other hidden charges.

• 24/7 local UK customer service contact.

• Target social networks with custom job adverts.

• 100% money back guarantee.

• You can specify the maximum distance you want to consider applicants from.

• Detailed reporting available enables you to take control of all your requirements.

• All customer records are securely stored and never shared with any third party without your approval.

• All information is encrypted to the same standards as used in online banking to protect your data.

• A permanent job history record is automatically created for reference at any time.

Once you’ve set up an Employer account after selecting the package which works out in your budget then it’s a simple matter of entering your job vacancy details or a link to an existing job description on your website.

To choose right package & create an Employer account on Talendrone go to the Talendrone website or if you’d like more information call us anytime on +44 (0) 208 1503 682


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