Working For A Nonprofit OR A Trade Association – By Talendrone

Some people want out of the corporate rat race. Working for a nonprofit organization may offer such an opportunity, frequently, but not always in a less pressured atmosphere. Sometimes it also offers a chance to work for a cause that you’re particularly interested in.

A decade or more ago, many of the key people in nonprofits came from business backgrounds. It still happens, but less frequently today. Many nonprofits are looking for able people whose experience has been in their nonprofit field. A good example is in fund-raising, where the demands of today’s sophisticated development activities
require very special expertise.

When you change from a business to a nonprofit, you forfeit some degree of job mobility because it will be considerably harder to go back to another traditional job in a for-profit business if the nonprofit experience doesn’t work out.

In nonprofits the board of directors often has more influence than it does in a business, overseeing closely the activities of key executives. With the often frequent turnover in directors, the key executives may find their positions in jeopardy because a new director wants to bring in his own person, to leave his particular stamp on the

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