Working in a Different Environment

What’s different? You’re completely on your own. Before, you had an office with the sources of support and colleagues that were most necessary for you to succeed. You had a full day’s work carrying out your responsibilities, attending meetings and responding to inquiries and requests made of you. Now none of this happens. Anything that happens occurs on your own initiative, including getting the support you need.

Job hunting in midcareer is more difficult than earlier in your career because companies do much less recruiting for employees at this stage. This has become more true in the last decade with the considerable layoffs of middle and senior management. The difficulty has increased because many of these management jobs have been eliminated.
This means that not only are there many good people looking for jobs at these levels but also that there are fewer jobs available. When companies do recruit for these jobs, they have high hiring standards, and they are using very competitive screening techniques (executive recruiters, their own recruiters, and the Internet). These sources probably represent about 10 percent of the hiring for midcareer people. Test the waters with recruiters, answering ads and the Internet, but spend most of your time networking.

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