Would you trust a computer algorithm to select your IT staff?

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With recruitment firms using complicated algorithms to help in the recruitment process how confident can potential employers be in the accuracy and efficiency of these technological advances?

Online recruitment companies are increasingly using computer algorithms more in candidate recruitment. The algorithms are complex instructions telling a computer program exactly what to look for in a candidate’s job application, which are ideal candidates and which should be disqualified from a search.

With the increasing numbers of potential candidates available online, an automatic process to sort out the less suitable candidates has the potential to save recruiting employers time and money. Using the data-crunching power of computers, online recruitment companies are able to offer employers shortlists of quality candidates. Saving you hours of work slogging through applications from unsuitable or unqualified candidates.

IT and programme managers need to be able to identify and select IT staff quickly and efficiently. Using an online recruitment firm – such as Talendrone – who uses an algorithm can be a great way to get quality IT staff on a project quickly and efficiently. Talendrone has invested over four years and considerable financial investment in researching and developing its unique algorithm and we’ve developed our own advanced method of algorithmic design and analysis to help identify quality candidates for our customers.

Using an algorithm removes subjective bias from the early stages of the recruiting process. But how do you assess those all-important interpersonal skills? Once candidates have been identified and selected for specific roles they still need to go through the hiring process (there are very few employers who will employ anyone without a face to face meeting), so interpersonal skills can be assessed at a later face-to-face stage in the hiring process. This has the advantage of reducing the chances of missing out on a good candidate due to any conscious or unconscious bias on behalf of the recruiter.

As in other industries, algorithmic candidate selection will have a major part in the future of recruiting. Providing an effective and engaging employment process for candidates and recruiters. So what does the future hold? Many think that algorithmic technology will follow a similar route into recruitment as it took into marketing some years ago. Where sales and marketing staff use the technology to reduce the more mundane aspects of their role leaving them free to make sales.

If you’re tempted by the idea of a talent selection algorithm and want to establish a modern hiring process, signing up to Talendrone to recruit your IT staff might be the right solution for you and your business. Talendrone’s recruitment service streamlines and shortens your time-to-hire, plus improving your quality of hire by facilitating an efficient screening process.

So if you are looking to recruit IT staff for your organisation or project, look no further than Talendrone. By signing up for a free Employer account on Talendrone you’ll save money and benefit from an easy, quick recruitment process. Using Talendrone can improve both your time-to-hire and cost-per-hire per vacancy.

Our online recruitment portal uses the power of specialist recruiters and our sophisticated software allows us to screen and vet all candidates before they are matched to your job vacancy so you only receive quality candidates for your vacancies.

To see details of the packages we offer click here. If you’d like any further information, please call us on +44 (0) 208 1503 682.

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