Writing the Job Description

List the principal functions and personal characteristics mentioned most frequently in ads in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and your nearest metropolitan daily newspaper as well as on the Internet. Also survey which is a compilation of ads from various sources across the country, company Web sites, and online career sites. Newspaper ads are fewer now than five years ago, but some of them have more information than they used to. They can help you identify what recruiters are looking for in candidates for the job you’re seeking.

Now prepare a job description listing the principal functions and personal characteristics you’ve identified. It’s important that your description reflect current needs rather than those of a different economy of several years ago. Emphasize these characteristics in your resume and in interviews.

The main reasons that people fail at a certain job will be paramount in the minds of employers. If you want to be a sales manager, think about why sales managers fail. Perhaps sales managers don’t meet their company’s sales goals or expense targets, or they don’t push new products, or they don’t reorganize poorly performing territories.
Beware of these failures, and be prepared to demonstrate to the interviewer your experience in coping with these problems.

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