X-raying Organization Sites

Unless the organization has its own resume bank (which is becoming more and more common), you won’t find resumes, home pages, or profiles in the site itself. It is a good idea to run a quick “people” search on the site to see what might surface, though. You just never know what’s going to be right there inside a Web site.
Let’s use a midsize specialty engineering organization for our example. We’ll call it Average Organization—and stay with our software engineering search.
A directory of Chapter home pages, with links to officers and committee heads.
Minutes for a committee meeting held in September, with an attendee roll call. When we peel back to the next folder in the URL, we find minutes with different attendees for meetings in June and March—and another folder up is the committee home page with links to all meetings in 2001 and 2000.
The national Board of Trustees and several national committee leaders, with full contact information.
An entire page of links to research papers submitted by members.
All papers have the author’s name, title, company, and contact block, including e-mail.

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