Your College Career Folio

As you craft a college folio, keep in mind that your audience includes people who are seeking—or have recently completed—undergraduate, graduate (MBAs, MSEE, et al.), professional (MD, JD, et al.), and alternative programs such as tech school and executive education.
To attract the specific people you are seeking within this general population, your Web site must be welcoming and resonate with an appreciation for their concerns and career objectives. The style of your presentation must be congruent with the candidate’s own worldview and vision of success.
Students and recent grads are generally young. The ones you’ll want to hire are also smart, ambitious, and hardworking, and they bring specific skills or aptitudes to the table with them. So, aim your content at these
top performers. The best career-starters are intelligent, well informed, and on top of the latest academic and professional jargon, so make sure your presentation is crisp and gives them the sense of a dynamic, market leading
At the same time, these are fresh, enthusiastic, and energetic people. They crave a mission, a way to really make a difference—and the best and brightest are attracted to organizations that can articulate a clear and attractive vision for positive change.

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