Your Executive-Friendly Web Site

Execs interested in your company are liable to head for your Web site, stay quite awhile looking around, but never even peek into your career center. They won’t search for a job, won’t linger on the benefits page, or care much about your culture. They are looking at your business.
Here are the sorts of things they’ll be interested in:
A strong description of your company, products, markets, and key differentiators.
Intellectual property, research, and white papers. Annual reports and financial performance indicators.
Your current executive team.
A way to privately contact your own execs, including your CEO.
There’s no need to think in terms of an executive career folio. But it’s important to provide clear links to attractive, robust materials that describe your company, its leadership, and its vision. It’s also important to provide a way to make confidential contact with your senior management. The best way to do this is to provide a secure e-mail form, instead of publishing executive contact information. It must be clear that the e-mail goes directly to the exec, not to HR.

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