Your Productivity – By Talendrone

A job search is frustrating, so it’s easy to look at it as an unproductive gap in your career. If you end up with a job with good long-term prospects and have developed proficiency in some of the skills outlined before, you haven’t lost as much as you think. You became a more effective job hunter, which can make you more effective on the
job. Many of the new techniques you’ve learned can be very useful on the job.

Set daily goals and grade yourself on your performance on the previous day’s goals. Also include a checklist of deficiencies to improve on similarly. Make this process more effective by going public, by e-mailing this report to a friend.
Use the techniques of dialoguing and failure analysis to make better decisions and better preparations for meetings and projects.
Become a more effective—not aggressive—politician so that you’re more effective dealing with people.
Analyze your use of time so that you free up more of it for discretionary use.
Identify needs and convert them into “showcase” projects, thereby getting the favorable attention of key people.
Observe the superstars, and when appropriate, try to learn from them.

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