Do “Non Techie” people need to ramp up their technical skills? – By Talendrone

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Answer to above question unfortunately is “Yes”, Non-Techies need to keep up with technology to certain extend as well. Nowdays, Technology is catching up humans like non other field, take example of IOT (Internet of things) which will soon change every electronic gadget we see around us. Through IOT our microwave oven which would will heat our soup as per our choice and so will function all other gadget.

If you avoid getting hooked to technology at earlier phases of your life then it could haunt you for ever.

At least, Start developing skills which are related to your work. For, Example if you are dentist start learning about the software used to take history and if you are builder  then check how building project is managed through tools. Likewise for every trade you would have technology. The only way to deal with this situation is to be open about it and try to learn bit by bit everyday and focus on technology involved in what you do rather than learning anything.

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