Perhaps you’re out of work. Perhaps you’re still on a job but you’re not happy and about to quit. Perhaps you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or you missed some of the warning lights on your last job choice.
Whatever. Now you have a crucial choice: Are you looking for just another job, which, if you’re lucky, will turn out to be what you really want for the long run, or are you determined to get the job you’ve dreamed about for a long time, a job that you really like to do, that emphasizes your strengths, that connects you with stimulating people, and that has strong, long-term prospects?
Does this kind of dream job sound too good to be true? It can be a reality, but you have to work smartly to get this dream job. It may take more work to get a dream job than an ordinary job, and the process may be riskier. But the rewards are far greater.
There are five essentials for success:
Have a positive attitude. People respond more positively to winners than they do to losers.
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Millions have carried out job searches before you have, and virtually all have done so successfully. You know quite a few of them. Many can give you good advice and useful resources and techniques. They can also put you in touch with other helpful and supportive people.
Be thorough in preparing for your job search. The preparations described for your search are more comprehensive than in most books.
Too many job hunters shortchange themselves on these steps, only to regret it later. Overlap steps to speed things up. For example, while waiting for resume critique feedback, prepare your contact list with addresses and phone numbers.

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