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The 8 wonders of Talendrone

It Just Works

It does. From finding an on site opportunity, a job in a high paced start-up or getting selected in a Fortune top 50 companies. Talendrone assures you get what you want ...bliss.

No Surprises

Know exactly which jobs suit your skills and real time accurate status of application process. Refreshing.

Maximise Your Reach

Reach several thousand active employers & thousands of recruiters through our revolutionary intelligent software. Satisfying.

Quality Excellence

Our next generation software & team of specialist recruiters redefine recruitment industry standards.

Built For You

From giving suggestions of suitable jobs for you to giving an opportunity of proving your hard & soft skills, it's created from scratch with you in mind.

Innovative Approach

You can focus your attention on your current job as our innovative software and thousands of recruiters find the best job for you.


Rest assured our world-class security measures come as standard.

Ever Evolving

Our Job reports, skill development ways & alerting techniques are ever evolving. We're always listening to what you want.


Client Records

We have strict “No Spam” policy. We will only contact you for the job you have applied for and we will never share your data with any third party. So be rest assured that your details will always be securely stored in Talendrone.


All information travelling between your browser, tablet, phone and the Talendrone servers is protected from eavesdroppers with 256-bit SSL encryption, just like your internet banking.

Job History

A permanent record what you did, when & notes are securely stored with us so you can view those when you need it.

It just works

Talendrone understands what you do. In fact, it’s been studying you and job seekers like you for years and all that insight has been poured lovingly into our software. Click on one of our Start Your First job search with us and you could be using this software to fully take control of your career in seconds.

Ever evolving

Simplicity is central to we do, but it would be arrogant to assume, we can’t get any better. A big part of Talendrone is the fine tuning and moving with our customers’ businesses. We’re always listening to what you want and tweaking little bits to make it that much better.

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