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What is Talendrone?

Talendrone is World’s most innovative Recruitment Platform through which employers can share their job requirements and get high quality responses. We act as extension to customer’s existing recruitment team and provide them high quality candidates with very low turn around time. Talendrone leverages our internally developed complex algorithms, enormous automation & social networks extensively to reduce recruitment time and provide high quality responses.

Who is it for?

It’s for all companies who want to reduce turnaround time of their recruitment process, improve quality of responses, reduce candidate last minute dropout rate & cut their recruitment cost. If you are Recruitment Manager or Owner of company who wants to be on top of complete recruitment process then we have innovative detailed reporting for you which lets you be on top of recruitment process within minutes.

How are we different from Naukri.com, timesjob.com or any other job boards and all recruitment agency?

Though the sole purpose of all job boards & recruitment agencies is to provide you resources but the way all of these channels work determine quality of responses, time to close positions & cost to hire resources. We have put on massive intelligence & automation in recruitment process which enables us to drastically cut recruitment cost & reduce time to close positions while increasing quality of application responses. You need to use us once to see that we are light years ahead then our competitors.

Who are the people behind Talendrone?

We are team of 30+ people with a mix of technical, functional, marketing & specialist recruitment skills. Our delivery is supported by thousands of pre-screened external recruiters and advance quality analysis software. From last 5 years we have learned a lot on pit falls of closing positions successfully and have made sure our software addresses those challenges. We understand we still have long way to go and are counting on your support to help us take recruitment to new levels.

How do I save money by using Talendrone?

We believe job boards should be free for all companies & recruitment agencies should charge less than half they currently do for at least 80% of positions they fill. Our pricing model aligns with our believes and so using our job board is free of cost and using us as your partner recruitment agency just costs you less than 5% of candidates yearly salary*.

How can I start using Talendrone?

You can start using Talendrone in two ways which are mentioned below:

1. Using Our Free Version-

To use our free trial version for unlimited time please go ahead and register in Silver Plan on Talendrone.com and post your job requirement, it will be reviewed by our specialist recruitment team and published on our partner portals and all our social networking handles and you would start getting desired application responses as early as 2-3 hrs after the job is published on our network. In trial package your jobs won’t be worked by external.

2. To use our service from our external recruiters and give 5% joining bonus to candidates-

To use our full version for unlimited time please go ahead and register on Talendrone.com in Gold Plan and one of the member of our sales team will call you.

With so many recruiters & recruitment agencies working on Talendrone platform would I be bombarded with CVs?

No. Talendrone’s patent pending algorithm decides how many and which all recruiters your job goes to. Only the best recruiters equipped with skills to handle your job mandate are assigned your jobs. Moreover, Our software and internal specialist recruitment team analyse all CVs before those are sent to you.