Empower your in-house recruitment team for just £300/month
  • Get referrals from thousands of resources with the same skills
  • Get referrals from 5000+ specialist recruiters
  • Get referrals from all your employee contacts
  • Get Predictive Analytics to help you recruit better quality
  • Get Machine Learning filtered application responses. NO SPAM.
  • Get Big Data derived complete candidate personality assessment
  • Auto post your job to your & career site
  • Video chat directly with all referees & candidates
  • View detailed reports
  • 100% Recruitment fee you set is passed to referees
  • No Hire No Fee
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The 8 wonders of Talendrone

It Just Works

It does. We’re confident you’ll want to move away from how you manage your hiring now and never look back...bliss.

No Surprises

Know exactly what you would spend on hiring with our "No Hire No Fees" flat fee package pricing model. Refreshing.

Maximise Your Reach

Reach several thousand active & passive candidates intelligently sourced for you by our revolutionary software. Satisfying.

Quality Excellence

Our Next Generation software & team of specialist recruiters redefine recruitment industry standards.

Built For You

From auto rejection of unsuitable candidates to testing their job & soft skills, it's created from scratch with you in mind

Innovative Approach

You can focus all your attention on your core business needs as with us you will always stay on top of the recruitment industry innovation pyramid.


Rest assured our world-class security measures come as standard.

Ever Evolving

Our Management reports, candidate comparison ways & testing techniques are ever evolving. We're always listening to what you want.

Simple and intuitive

Enter your existing job description website link, write down your requirements or upload a job description document for us to proof edit and get you started

Real Time Chat

Chat at your convenience with professional recruiters and jobseekers. Hear or view jobseeker introduction audios or videos

Innovative Management Reporting

Detailed management reporting enables you to take control of all your requirements like never before. In built multi dimensional reports enable you to optimize your resources.

Job Status

Manage requisitions live as they progress, from under review, publish, in progress, on hold, interview scheduled, rejected or hired. Have complete visibility and total control of all your open jobs at a glance.

Distance Wise Filters

Now, you can specify the maximum distance you want to restrict a jobseekers application from. Detailed map view enabled you to consider candidates which are closest to your job location

No surprises

Free To Use

We strongly believe that we add real value to the recruitment field. We offer free unlimited services as we are confident that once you’ve used us you won’t be able to leave’’. How refreshing.


Client Records

All our customer records are securely stored in Talendrone and never shared with any third party without your approval. Our multi tenency architecture assures all clients data is visible to them only.


All information travelling between your browser, tablet, phone and the Talendrone servers is protected from eavesdroppers with 256-bit SSL encryption, just like your internet banking.

Job History

A permanent record who did what, when & why. New jobs, changes, deletions - the lot! All automatically captured for your reference at any time.

It just works

Talendrone understands what you do. In fact, it’s been studying you and companies like you for years and all that insight has been poured lovingly into our software. Click on one of our Start Your Free Trial buttons and you could be using this software to control your business in seconds.

Ever evolving

Simplicity is central to what we do, but it would be arrogant to assume, we can’t get any better. A big part of Talendrone is the fine tuning and moving with our customers’ businesses. We’re always listening to what you want and tweaking little bits to make it that much better.

Ready to start using recruitment service you’ll love?

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