At Talendrone, we pride ourselves on our people and our diverse workforce. Our mission is to deliver excellence to individuals, businesses and communities. To help us achieve that goal, we recruit individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, enhancing the service we provide to a variety of industries. Collaboration is one of our key company values and it is that collaboration which enables us to continue to grow and become one of the leading recruiters in the industry.
Diversity and inclusion matters and it is important that we promote that throughout our work. It represents the inclusion of people from all backgrounds, roles, levels and areas of expertise; adding to the continued growth and success of Talendrone, nurturing our talent and enabling us to strive for excellence in what we deliver.
Our Strategy
  • Encouraging Diversity - Our company intranet is to home our Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy which is available and promoted to all staff. We also encourage diversity through our work with clients and partnered charities, providing the most suitable individuals for the roles available.
  • Measuring Diversity - Talendrone participates in the EQuality Assured Programme to enhance and develop our current processes and strategies and strive to use new and innovative ways to continue promoting equal opportunities.
  • Developing understanding of Diversity – In order to embed the importance of diversity and inclusion into our business, we deliver in-house training on equal opportunities to our new starters and as refreshers for all employees. This includes what equal opportunities means to us as a business and in the day-to-day running of Talendrone.
  • Recruiting & Selecting Diversity - Our recruitment & selection processes are competency based. We use external sales based testing to improve objectivity, selecting on merit, achievement and suitability.  
Accreditations & Partnerships
EQuality Assured Accreditation – As testimony to our commitment to diversity and inclusion, since 2011 we have participated in the Equality Assured Certification programme to continually strive to better our equality, diversity and inclusion.

Winner of the APSCo Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year 2013 – our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility was recognized as the Winner of the APSCo CSR Initiative of the Year