Terms & Conditions

Veebrij clients/customers who use the site for their recruitments related requirements, and who will now be able to leverage the network through their authorized external recruiters. As part of Professional Networking, the company would be able to connect with a larger audience by having direct followers of their profile, and also through connections of their recruiters. Through their company profile, they will be able to showcase their company environment, policies & other important information, and engage jobseekers through Polls & Surveys.

Veebrij clients/customers who avail Gold service are liable to pay Talendrone commission as signed through NDA, Veebrij is not responsible in any way regarding any FREE service provided through Talendrone including service through our Silver Packages available on sign up.

They will have sole responsibility of authorizing & managing the recruiters associated with their profile at their own discretion. In the event any of the Employer recruiter’s, engagement terminates with the Employer, having Veebrij Professional Networking representation for the Employer, it shall be the sole responsibility of the Employer to immediately notify Talendrone about the termination of engagement with the said recruiter and appointment of a new recruiter. Employer shall ensure to keep informed Talendrone changes / updates in their recruiters as and when any changes thereof from time to time.

Once you registered with Veebrij for Talendrone services you can post your jobs in different categories.
Veebrij has all rights reserved to do modification/edit your jobs before posting your jobs.
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your employer account, Profile and passwords, as applicable.
You understand and acknowledge that if you cancel your employer account or your employer account is terminated from Veebrij.
All information intimated by the client and displayed by Veebrij on Talendrone becomes public knowledge.
Each Job posting on Talendrone shall be for a fixed period (currently 30 days), which period is subject to change without notice.
Every instance of refreshing and existing listing entitles you to and additional fixed period and shall be counted as a fresh posting.
Veebrij offers no guarantee or warranties that there would be a satisfactory response or any response at all once the job is put on display.

The subscriber/Recruiter must give an undertaking to Veebrij that there will be no fee charged from any person who responds to jobs advertised and got selected.
Veebrij will make best efforts to use the parameters provided by the subscriber to short list, but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the short listing based on the parameters for selection as specified by the subscriber.

Veebrij reserves the rights to not post any of your jobs that does not comply with applicable local, national and international laws.
Veebrij reserves the right not to post anything related to sexual services, particular political party, political agenda, political position or issue and promote a particular religion.